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STEP TWO: Create a Succession Planning Binder and Emergency Succession Folders


As part of the succession planning process, you will need to create a Succession Planning Binder in which to keep emergency succession planning information.

You will also need to create two Emergency Succession Folders. As you work through the succession planning steps, you will duplicate key information and place it in both of the Emergency Succession Folders.

At the end of the process, one copy of the folder will be kept in the Succession Planning Binder, which will be stored in a secure location on-site – be sure that all staff and Board members know where the Succession Planning Binder is located. The second folder should be stored in a secure locaton off-site (perhaps with a Board Chair or with another key staff person).

Other options for storage could include USB keys, wikis or on stored on the Internet (sometime called cloud computing). If you are new to cloud computing, here is a three-minute video that overview the process: Cloud Computing in Plain

As documentation is developed and/or collected, be sure to keep it in the binder an d the folders. Staying organized right from the beginning will make this process much smoother!

The following checklists will help you identify the key documents/information to keep in the Succession Planning Binder and the Emergency Succession Folder. Check off the items that you have and highlight the ones that you still need.

Succession Binder Checklist

  • The Emergency Succession Folder
  • A succession plan policy
  • An organizational calendar with critical dates and deadlines for the next twelve months
  • Location of critical knowledge job diary for the Executive Director and other key staff
  • Location of LBS Service Provider Guidelines as this is a guiding document
  • A list of where all key organizational documentation is kept (see the Organizational Documents Checklist for a list of key organizational documents)
  • A list of where all financial documentation and banking information are kept (bank accounts, investments, payroll information, etc.)
  • Contact information for the auditor
  • A copy of the most recent Annual Report with audited financial statement
  • Location of all current contracts and service agreements
  • Location of letters patent, etc.
  • Location of policies and procedures manual
  • Location of any proposals (partnerships/projects)
  • Location of maintenance plans (e.g., website updates)
  • Location of or how to access Local Community Planning Group/Committee information
  • A complete copy of the completed Organizational Information and Capacity Survey
  • Location of a list of key partnerships and current referral contacts
  • Location of a current volunteer contact list
  • Location of a list of all current donors and funders
  • Location of any fundraising events/details

Emergency Succession Folder Checklist

  • An emergency succession plan Detective
  • identifying the key people that will step into key positions when emergency succession is necessary
  • Executive Director job description
  • Job descriptions for all staff
  • Current staff contact list
  • Current Board contact list
  • A copy of the agency Business Plan and Contract with all Schedules
  • Key passwords to access critical information stored on computers
  • Instructions to access information and updates related to Literacy and Basic Skills on the Employment Ontario Partner’s Gateway
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