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About Community Literacy of Ontario’s Strategic Planning Project

In April 2006, Community Literacy of Ontario received funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for a highly successful two-year project on strategic planning. In year one of the project grant (2006-2007), Community Literacy of Ontario created a strategic plan that allowed CLO to strengthen and increase its capacity to serve its members.

In year two of the project grant (2007-2008) CLO offered training in strategic planning to Ontario’s literacy practitioners via three different methods: face-to-face, live online, and self-directed online.

  • CLO delivered two successful face-to-face workshops on strategic planning to a total of 55 people in two locations. One session was held at the Literacy Link Eastern Ontario conference in Kingston in May 2007. A second session was held at CLO’s October 2007 conference in Toronto.
  • CLO delivered two live, online training workshops on via Centra Symposium on November 29, 2007 and December 11, 2007. A total of 32 participants took part in these workshops.
  • CLO created this self-directed training module on strategic planning on our Literacy Basics training website ( It was launched in March 2008.

Community Literacy of Ontario gratefully acknowledges the valuable support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation ( for funding this project.


Community Literacy of Ontario’s online strategic planning module was written by Jane Barber with writing support and editing by Joanne Kaattari.

Project Management

The Strategic Planning project was managed by Jette Cosburn.

Content Readers

CLO wants to thanks the four content readers for this online training module for their valuable contributions:

  • Paulette Dahl
  • Vicki Trottier
  • Stephanie Walker
  • Steve Wells
Technical Support

CLO wants to express its strong appreciation to the National Adult Literacy Database for providing technical support and hosting service for our Literacy Basics website.


We are also grateful to the Board of Directors of Community Literacy of Ontario who went through the strategic planning process. Their commitment and hard work served as a model throughout this project. We want to also express our thanks to the literacy agencies from all across Ontario who took our training in strategic planning and who shared their ideas and insights into this important topic. We learned so much from all of you!


Community Literacy of Ontario would love to hear your ideas and comments. Please send an email to to give us your feedback about our strategic planning module:

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