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The following are some examples of assessment tools and resources that were of interest to LBS practitioners interviewed during the development of this module. This is not intended as an exhaustive list and we encourage you to explore the resources available on the Internet or through Copian’s download library at

Copian (formerly known as National Adult Literacy Database or NALD) is the home of the country’s largest online digital Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) library, and the go-to place for LES information.

CABS: Common Assessment of Basic Skills: Initial Assessment in 5 Levels (3rd edition) by Judith Fox Lee and Rose Strohmaier. Literacy Link Eastern Ontario, 2000. This resource is articulated to the Essential Skills.

Goal-Directed Assessment: An Initial Assessment Process. Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Teacher of Adults: Literacy Educator Certificate Program’s second course, Assessing and Evaluating Literacy Learning, explores: the importance of placing assessment and evaluation into a learner-centred, goal-directed, authentic context; the role of assessment from Intake to Exit; and a variety of assessment tools and methods.

QUILL Learning Network’s Task-Based Activities for LBS portal contains a collection of activities aligned to the OALCF and organized by stream, goal path and level. This fully searchable database, available in English and French and designed for the Anglophone, Deaf, Native and Francophone streams, provides task-based activities to help practitioners support students in achieving their goals. The tasks have been submitted by the literacy field and they are available in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats.

Modus ( ) is Copian’s searchable and interactive directory of Essential Skills assessment tools. The website includes a listing of free and fee-for-service tools. It allows you to browse tools by essential skills, location, audience and, when applicable, cost. There are “rate and review” and “build your own toolbox or collection of assessment tools” features for those who sign up and become members (free membership).

Learning with Swagger Assessment Tool measures the learners’ skills relative to the OALCF competencies of Manage Learning and Engage with Others. To use this tool you must have been working in the literacy field for at least one year and must have taken the “Learning with Swagger Assessment Tool” training either online or face-to-face. For more information, contact

Community Literacy of Ontario was pleased to host and record a two-part webinar series in March 2012 which can be found at The webinar looks at the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF) and Assessment and explores:

• What is assessment?

• What are the effectiveness measures under the LBS Performance Management System?

• Defining the categories of assessment under OALCF

• Overview of OALCF milestones

• Overview of culminating tasks

Collective List of Assessment Tools is a list of resources for use with the OALCF that were recommended by “Selected Assessment Tools” as well as other tools that were submitted by LBS programs/agencies. Each tool was analyzed, based on the goal path and whether the assessment tool could be used for intake, ongoing, or exit assessment.

Community Literacy of Ontario’s OALCF Resource List grew out of an online resource fair hosted by Community Literacy of Ontario (CLO) in February 2012. The resources suggested by participants have been divided into three categories: assessment tools, learner plans and instructional resources.

The Student Self-Assessment Capacity Building Series produced by The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat to support leadership and instructional effectiveness in Ontario schools.

The document, Assessment for Learning – Self Assessment – Teacher Notes, by The Association of Achievement and Improvement through Assessment, explores and provides tools to “Assess FOR Learning.” It discusses a way of informing and involving the learners in assessing for increased learning. Published on Scribd by Alan Forster. Free download or read online.

The Essential Skills Group has two websites that provide information on careers and training along with online Essential Skills assessments with printable results.

Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) has a wealth of material about Essential Skills, work habits and careers. OSP has tools and resources to assess, build, document and track learners’ Essential Skills and learn how to transfer them to further education, training, the workplace and everyday life. The OSP Skills Zone has games, interactive resources, training modules, etc. where you and learners can have some fun and learn more about the Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) and Essential Skills.

Note: For MTCU, Employment Ontario and OALCF documents, go to

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