apple Why Online Training
Over a three-year period (2000-2003) Community Literacy of Ontario, along with the other literacy sectors and streams, conducted research into the training needs of Ontario literacy practitioners. For more information on CLO’s research, please click

Because of our research, CLO is aware of the common needs and barriers to training faced by literacy practitioners in this province (time, travel, local availability, scheduling and funding). Literacy Basics ( was created to provide free, just-in-time online training to literacy practitioners, when and how they need it.

Literacy Basics was first launched in September 2005. New modules have been added regularly since then.

CLO and online training

Community Literacy of Ontario is a leader in online learning in both the literacy field and in the not-for-profit sector. Over the past seven years, CLO staff have developed and delivered over 40 online workshops (using both asynchronous and synchronous training environments). CLO has extensive experience in developing online curriculum and an in-depth knowledge of effective techniques for facilitating online learning. Given our long and successful experience with online learning and given the training needs of our members, we knew CLO was well-placed to develop a training website for literacy practitioners.

For more information on CLO and E-Learning please click here:

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